Michael Buras, owner of Buras Photography, is a Champaign-Urbana, Illinois based real estate photographer by trade and works on other photography as a passion. All real estate, remodeling, and commercial property photos are taken using a professional Nikon DSLR using multiple exposures. The exposures are blended in post processing to achieve a vibrant and life-like HDR photo that is not "over baked". Angles and views are maximized to show the best features of your property while also limiting nearby obstructions. A high quality wide angle lens is used to show as much of the room as possible without any distortion or fish eye effects that are unappealing to most viewers. 

The personal projects vary but all are done in a style that combines contrast and vintage effect to create a unique moment in time. Often times black & white is the favored medium as it translates well with the historical context of the photos taken and transports the viewer to a different time. Indicators of modern life are usually avoided or edited out to keep the historic feeling. 

Michael has been photographing homes and businesses in the Champaign-Urbana area for over 5 years with many happy clients. Personal work has been featured in local photography contests, winning many awards, as well as making regular image donations to events that benefit the local arts in central Illinois. 


All work is copyright Michael Buras and is not to be used without permission. 

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